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        Electrical Upsetting                                                   

FPE - Electrical Upsetting

What is Electrical Upsetting?
A high current is passed into one portion of the material to be upset. Due to the material resistance, heat is created. Once this portion of the material reaches a plastic state, cold material is pushed into the hot area via hydraulic force.
During 'open' electrical upsetting, the bar material is positioned between the upsetting cylinder and the anvil plate or die. Two-part clamping jaws close around the bar and electrical current flows between the clamping jaws and anvil plate, heating the exposed portion of the component. The hydraulic cylinder exerts a controlled force on the cold end of the bar producing a shaped head. The material is upset to the required shape via the application of heat, pressure, flow, and linear travel. In 'open' upsetting techniques the component is then passed to a form tool [press] in the red hot state to finish. 'Closed' techniques produce a finished component direct from the upseting machine.

Standard and Custom Manufactured Electrical Upsetting Machines


Gatwick has been manufacturing Electrical Upsetting machinery for over 30 years. The roots of our equipment are established in the motor industry more specifically engine valve manufacture. Gatwick produce a standard range of equipment that caters for bar sizes from 6mm diameter to in excess of 50mm diameter. In addition to our standard range we produce custom-manufactured machines to cater for our customer's specific requirements.

Engine Valve Upsetting Machinery

Gatwick machines can operate on an individual basis with manual load and unload or in dedicated banks with multi-head upset positions. Ultimately the units can be connected in automatic configurations for use in flexible robotic cells.

Engine valve manufacturers use the Gatwick range of Electrical Upsetters worldwide.

The Upsetting Process
Component during the Upsetting Process
The upsetting axis is usually vertical and the stroke is hydraulically powered. The machines incorporate many features that ensure optimum cycle time, excellent repeatability, quick set-up and reliable operation for all types and sizes of valves.

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