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     Spot Welding Miniature Range up to 3KVA               

The FW2/T Battery Welding System

The FW2/T Battery Welding System has been designed for battery lead termination or stacking. It is also suitable for single sided, step, series, indirect series and opposed welding.

Spot Welding Miniature Range

This system utilises the proven FW2/T twin welding head in conjunction with a quickly adjustable support platen suitable for battery packs up to 14" high.

The FW2/T welding head has independent control of electrode thrust on each moving electrode, essential for miniature and delicate work. 100% linear motion for the moving electrodes via precision linear bearings and hardened ground steel guides, achieves uniform near frictionless motion and eliminates electrode skid during the weld cycle. Low inertia moving parts via the linear bearings give fast electrode 'follow up' for the ultra short weld times required for miniature spot and projection welding. The weld thrust can be adjusted to initiate the controller through a range of 1 -30 Ib., independent of work material.thickness, foot pedal or pneumatic operation. Weld initiation occurs simultaeously when preset electrode force is reached, assuring repeatable, high confidence level welds. Universal electrode settings and adjustments combined with large throat depth for difficult positioned welds makes this system extremely versatile.


Weld control comprises of a standard package featuring 5 independent programmes, 1/2 -100 cycle, upslope, pulsation mode, dual weld facility, squeeze, hold, cool, weld On/Off and mains isolator. Digital synchronous weld timing gives accurate repeatable weld periods resulting in minimum transient conditions and improved welds. Alternate half cycle is included for the welding of precious metals and special applications. High resolution heat control is provided, combined with a three position tap switch giving extremely fine adjustment of weld current over its entire range.

An alternative advanced timer/monitor can be supplied which has full SPC capability and 16 separate weld programmes with upslope, dual heat, internal storage for 8000 welds and many other features.

The head has a very reliable mainenance free life providing a high performance machine suitable for many applications

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