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        Heavy Duty Spot / Projection Welding                  

The design philosophy within our machinery provides common features across the range:

The Forward Precision Equipment range of resistance spot, projection and seam welding machines provide laboratory quality and production line dependability for low capital investment. All the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the welding machines have been carefully studied in relation to practical production requirements, the result being a range of designs that are eminently suitable for precision metal assembly. Production Engineers will notice that the interchangeability of the top and bottom electrode systems simplifies set-up procedures and gives overall versatility for handling difficult welding configurations whilst still maintaining a consistent reliable welding action. These features, coupled with the excellent work area, visibility and ease of operation, make FPE welding machines ideally suited for introduction into production line assembly.
Spot Welding
Spot Welding - pressure/current diagram
What Is Resistance Welding?
Resistance welding is the science of joining two or more metal parts together in a localised area by the application of heat and pressure. The heat is produced by the resistance of the material to carry a high amperage current. The greater the path of resistance is, the higher the heat intensity. This heat is controlled via time application and level of current applied. The pressure is applied to forge the joint and consolidate the nugget to provide the weld streangth. No extraneous materials such as rods, fluxes, inert gasses, oxygen, or acetylene are required.
Spot Welding Applications

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