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      Friction Welding                                                         

Modular NC Range
Machine Features

This revolutionary series of equipment further enhances the Gatwick range. Aimed to provide more flexibility in process control, to hold better concentricity and to stop the rotating axis at a known position.

  • Low sticktion hydraulic cylinders allowing fine control of weld forging parameters
  • Electronic spindle drive control
  • Acceleration/Deceleration slope control
  • Spindle speed infinitely variable up to 6000 rpm
  • Robust construction with machined bed and separate tailstock bearing
  • Concentricity of welded parts better than 0.1mm (T.I.R.)
  • Modern enclosed design with easy access for maintenance
  • Angular stop alignment within minutes of arc
  • Flexible process control for welding of exotic materials
  • Password protection and on-board diagnostics
  • Flash removal by either clipping or separate parallel turning
An example within this series is the Modular NC-4000. This machine is used for welding small cross-sectional areas from 10mm2 - 80mm2 (Alloy Steel) or up to 180mm2 (Copper/Aluminium).

The NC-4000 holds concentricity better than 0.1m (total indicator reading). The spindle rotation from 1 -6000rpm is infinitely variable with acceleration and deceleration slope control. The monitored spindle stops angularly and is repeatable within a few minutes of ARC if required.

The process can start final upset when requested, allowing forging during slow down or after stopping and thus exotic material combinations can be joined on a standard machine.  
Gatwick Modular NC Range       Internals fo a friction welder
  All of the above features are on top of or replace the standard features used across the Gatwick range of friction welding machines.

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