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     Friction Welders                                                          

Standard Machinery    

There are three styles of standard Gatwick friction welders. Our original, the Compact range, has been developed from our very roots and is used extensively throughout industries in various sizes from 5 tons maximum forge force, to 50 ton maximum forge force.

The Modular range was evolved from the Compact Range adding special features as requested by our customers and by our research team. This range again performs from 5 tons, but extends the range up to a maximum 100 tons forge force.


The entire series of friction welders takes advantage of all the latest design innovations and technology, producing machinery which gives perfect welds under close control conditions. Gatwick friction welders are suitable for a wide range of components. Gatwick Fusion can offer advice as to the suitability of your application and the correct machine to use.

  Engine Valve Manufacturing Equipment

The Gatwick Company is renown in this industry for manufacturing machinery that produces quality- welded parts. This is the industry in which Gatwick was a pioneer for the friction welding process. We have developed friction welders specifically for this market with fully automatic features for head loading, pin and stem loading, 100% in process weld checking and on board diagnostics. Our strength is our ability to balance the process controls to give ideal conditions to produce perfect welding across a wide range of components. Typically a fully automatic friciton welder can produce a welded and clipped valve of 6mm diameter every 9 seconds.

The Modular NC range is Gatwick's latest series that has revolutionised our method of the friction welding process. The machinery out-performs existing units in terms of process flexibility, working to tighter specifications and by being able to weld a greater range of material combinations. This series of machines perform in the range from 0.25 tons to in excess of 25 tons.

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